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On October 18, 2022
there will be a group trip to Dubai for attuning to the Source of True Wealth.

What for?
Attuning to the Source of True Wealth is an opportunity to get the resonance of the pure energies of true wealth in order to start rebuilding your life, taking into account your true values, with a focus on your growth and development.

The resource of this source allows you to bring life out of drain and exhaustion into prosperity and pleasure, into the creation of new opportunities and resources not only for yourself, but for the whole world.

After the Source of True Wealth, there is a reassessment of values, life is filled with new meaning, and new directions of growth appear.

Participants must be present in Dubai on setup day (attuning day).

The terms of participation
- To be attuned to the Source of the evolution of consciousness (Cairo)

- Making a 100% prepayment in the amount of 100,000 rubles

- Flights, accommodation, medical insurance are not included, they are selected and paid by the participants themselves.
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